Excuses: Leading You Down the Path of Failure

Excuses don’t keep you level, they bring you down.


“Oh no! I got a C in math!” Once these words have been spoken, you are at a crossroads. Either you decide a C isn’t acceptable and give extra effort to overcome it, or you are mildly disappointed and continue life as normal. If you decided a C isn’t acceptable, then congratulations- you just prevented your grades from dropping down even lower. You maintain the standard that you are at and can sometimes raise that standard. If you merely shrug it off and make up an excuse for it, then you are digging yourself a hole that will get deeper quick. Why is this?


When you make up an excuse for a mistake you made or lack of effort you gave, you are telling yourself that it’s OK that you did this. At first, you feel rather guilty for your sub-par work, but you enjoy the feeling of being excused for half effort. Once you excuse yourself once, it only gets easier to do so again, until you are consistently giving half effort and making up excuses for it. Therefore, the standard of everything you do decreases. The same goes for lying too. The first lie makes you feel bad, but if you don’t fess up, then you feel as if you actually did the task.


The best way to not delve into the depths of sub-parness is to stay true to yourself. Hold yourself accountable, or ask a friend to. Do what you said you were going to do, and if you don’t, fess up. If you don’t do your best, go over your work again and do your best. If you don’t do this, then you deserve what you get.


In conclusion, staying true to yourself is more important than you would think.

Author: slidersquared

Hi, I'm just your average teenage boy trying to navigate life without messing up too much. Strap on your seat belts because we're going who knows where.

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